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hey im so sorry for bothering you and im sure yo uget asked this alot. But y'know that gif set you posted, with the cat eared red eyed girl/thing, can you tell me where she is from? Again you must get this question a lot im sorry x.x

Don’t worry about it! It’s Taokaka from the Blazblue anime. If you ever want to know what series the gifs are from, just check the tags cause we always tag them~

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- October 31, 2013
Whats the name of the show with the black hair'd chick?

I’m not sure which one you are talking about, so I’m going to guess Kill La Kill since she has black hair.

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- October 18, 2013
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- October 13, 2013
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hello friends this is tay

we have 535 followers now and I just wanted to say thanks! 

this blog is ran by a bunch of weeaboo shitlords aka kate, sebi, and me

hopefully we can be more active in the future, please send requests or suggestions or anything cause im lonely

this has been a post thank

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- October 7, 2013
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Chapter 2 vs. Chapter 49